As a member of My Greens©, you are joining a community of people who enjoy fresh, healthy, 

and sustainably produced micro greens, baby leaf and edible flowers. All our greens are pesticide-free and harvested on the day of delivery. For us, limiting waste is essential. That’s why we will only start growing your greens when you subscribe and secure your personal growing space in our farm.


We are working on new members-only content, such as recipes and other interactive content to inspire and inform you. We will also include other benefits, such as exclusive and organic items from other local food businesses. Not only will we deliver you the freshest and most flavourful greens, but we are also working on increasing the value you get as a member of the My Greens community.

Choose your subscription

Choose the plan that suits you the best and start enjoying a fresh, nutrient-rich and environmentally responsible diet full of taste and flavour. Remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time.


You can pause your subscription at anytime (if you go on holiday for example) with 1 weeks notice before next delivery. You can also cancel your subscription  at any time ( and at a minimum of 15 days before the end of your subscription)

"Flavour and taste" Subscription

119 99 / month
  • 1x Reusable MyGreens© bag
  • 1x Microgreens Box / Week
  • 1x Baby Greens Box / Week
  • 1x Herbs and Flowers Box / Week
  • Change, renew, cancel at any time
  • Free delivery included

The MyGreens® Promise

Some of the characteristics that define the My Greens® philosophy


We deliver* in sterilised (covid safe) reusable food grade Tupperware containers and in a reusable My Greens bag, eliminating up to 156 plastic clam shell containers per customer per year.


We harvest in the morning and deliver* a few hours later ( within 6 hours), which guarantees maximum freshness. * Delivery only within 50-60 kilometers of Malaga


Each delivery contains micro greens, herbs and flowers with exquisite flavour,
taste and all fresher than fresh.


The boxes will give you a wide variety of combinations for your meals among the more than 700 different plants species we grow.

Energize your daily meals!

We provide an interesting selection of tender leaves, microgreens, herbs and flowers to create surprising, tasty and nutritious daily meals.

Microgreens and baby leaves contain up to 40 times more nutrients and minerals than their adult counterparts. They are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins such as K, C, A, B and E.