40 times more nutritious

than any grown vegetable

Each microgreen is the result of many small decisions. From the soil we use to grow them in, to the way we purify the water with which we water them.

100% pesticide free
Water purified by Reverse Osmosis
All the energy we use is from renewable sources

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This is how we do it

Science is in every decision we make

Farming our Microgreens indoor, allows us to search for the perfect conditions in seed, soil, water and light that create microgreens full of flavour, vitamins and minerals.


Because we are growing indoors, our microgreens do not need pesticides. And because they are grown in our vertical farm systems, they need fewer resources than traditional crops.


Controlling the climate of our greens (by growing indoors) allows us to optimise their growth. We use organic soil and water purified by osmosis, as well as exposure to specific light spectrums to enhance their nutritional value.


Microgreens are harvested at the exact moment when they are at their most nutritious. And they are in your home in less than 6 hours, not days or weeks like other vegetables.

The formula

Technology in the service of food production

We optimise every aspect of our greens production: controlling the climate (by growing indoors), using only the best seeds (Certified organic), the best soil (Certified organic), the purest water (Filtered to 000 ppm*), and LED lights to give our plants the optimum light spectrum. The result: the most flavourful, nutritious greens you can get.

*Parts per million

100% pesticide free
No ingredients of animal origin (vegan)
Water purified by osmosis
All the energy we use is from renewable sources
Total control of the environment
Local product (zero food miles)
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All vegetables are good.

But microgreens are better.

The concentration of nutrients in microgreens is much higher than in the grown vegetable. That is why it is not only important how they are grown, but also when they are harvested.

And because the number of vitamins and minerals is much higher, you need to eat less to get all the nutrients your body needs.

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The evidence

We don't say so.
Science says so.

These are just a few of the thousands of studies that show the benefits of Microgreens. We are convinced. So are scientists.

“Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica) microgreens have been recognised as nutraceutical foods due to the rich presence of bioactive compounds, such as glucosinolates, polyphenols, carotenoids, minerals and vitamins, with concentrations higher than those of the adult plant”.

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“Studies have shown that microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and beneficial properties than the adult plant”.

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“Based on in vitro studies, animal models and some clinical trials, broccoli sprouts, a major source of bioactive compounds, especially Sulforaphane, has been proposed as an effective supplement for the management of diabetes and the prevention of its long-term complications”.

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We are also working on new members-only content, such as recipes, resources to inspire and inform you, and exclusive, eco-friendly articles from other local businesses.

‘Flavor and Taste’ Subscription


If you want to taste all our varieties of microgreens, baby leaf, herbs
and edible flowers.

  • 1x Microgreens Box / Week
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‘Pure Health’ Subscription


If you want to boost your immune system, recovery from illness, weight loss and athletic performance.

  • 3x Microgreens Boxes / Week (up to 9 varieties of Microgreens)
  • Increased nutritional value
  • 1x Reusable MyGreens bag
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From harvest to door in less than 6 hours

Reusable containers system

Delivery by

electric vehicle ( est. 2022)


Everything your health needs to know

Microgreens are young plants that have passed the germination stage and unlike these, they develop stems and cotyledons. In nutritional terms, they concentrate a much higher amount of vitamins and minerals per gram than in other growth phases, which is why it is so important to harvest them at the time when they are most nutritious.

A sprout is the growth phase prior to the microgreen. At this point, the plant has not yet developed any of its parts: neither the root, nor the stem, nor the cotyledons… nor does it contain the same concentration of nutrients.

We measure the impact of all our actions with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum. It would make no sense to develop such a clean sustainable model and then spoil it by shipping the products thousands of kilometres away and consuming fossil fuels.

We do not use animals or animal ingredients in any part of the process. At the moment we do not have an official seal that certifies the product as suitable for vegans, but we are working on it.

Unlike traditional crops, which are grown in the open air or in greenhouses that occupy dozens or hundreds of hectares, microgreens are produced in vertical gardens inside a building that, due to its characteristics, can be called a laboratory. As it is an enclosed area, we avoid exposing the crop to pests and pollutants, and we also have total control over the environment. This means that we do not need to use any type of natural or synthetic pesticide.

No. Just because they are grown in a laboratory does not mean they are GM. In fact, both the seeds and the soil we use are organic.

The cost of delivery is included in the subscription price. Our greens are harvested and delivered within 6 hours for ultimate freshness.

Although we are investigating other alternatives to plastic, for now it is the safest and most efficient way to deliver. As well as being lighter and stronger, our professional Tupperware containers prevent the tender leaves from being crushed during transport and also ensure that they stay fresher for longer. To avoid plastic waste, our containers are reusable. With each delivery, we collect the old ones and clean and sterilise them for the next delivery.