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Hi we are Allan and Martin and we believe that everyone deserves to have fresher, more nutritious and more flavorful greens.
We also believe that modern farming needs to adapt to climate change to provide food in the future.
This is why we grow indoors , in organic soil, so we can grow fresh microgreens all year long and at the same time reduce our water usage by 90% compared to growing in the field.

So our greens are good for you and good for the planet.


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We grow all our microgreens, baby leaf and edible flowers in organic seedling soils, and all our seeds are from organic seed producers.

90% less water 

Water is a scarce resource- especially here in Andalucía. We therefore grow our greens  indoors and use precision watering to use just the water the plants really need..

No plastic

We use reusable Tupperware containers that get cleaned and sanitized between each use. We avoid single use clamshell containers and reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown away every day.

Super fresh!

All our products are harvested a few hours before delivery and our team delivers your greens in temperature protective bags.

Indoor Farm

Diffrent plant varieties


Daily nutrition need

Give your body the nutrition it Deserves

Maximize your intake of nutrients by adding microgreens, baby leaf and herbs to your daily meals. You can also use them in infusion, juices, smoothies and even Ice creams!

microgreens meal

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